Kidney Transplants Now Easy
August 22, 2013

Max Super Specialty Hospital in Mohali, on August 21,2013 announced the launch of a Renal (kidney) Transplant Unit equipped with the latest technology. Two patients from Manipur have already been treated successfully at the hospital, before the unit had been launched.

Transplant surgeon Sanand Bag and consultant Munish Chauhan said at a press conference that around 2 lakh patients developed kidney failure every year, but only 5,000 of them received transplants due to unavailability of donors and lack of awareness.

Dr. Chauhan said that in some countries, brain-dead patients and accident victims become the property of the state, which then facilitates the donation of their organs. In India, however, people are reluctant to donate bodies of their relatives due to unawareness and religious reasons.

He also said that transplantation against blood group incompatibility would soon be available at the hospital, making it the first hospital with this facility in the region. Currently, renal transplantation against blood group incompatibility is done in very few hospitals in the country.

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