Correct Your Sitting Posture

How long do you sit in front of your computer in the office? How long do you sit in front of the study table to study? Generally, the answer is 6 to 7 hours. Today more than 70% of the youth spends most of their time browsing the internet. Which is not at all wrong; in fact, with the changing educational system, work structure and other inventions in our country, it is very important to be well versed with technology. Today our jobs and businesses have become so demanding that we have no time to straighten ourselves up by standing and moving around. Thus, our work environment is such that it is impossible for us not to sit in front of the computer for long. But as we all know every coin has two sides or in other words every job has its pros and cons. There is 40% more disc pressure in a poor sitting posture compared to standing. While working for our livelihood, during our working hours, one must think of one thing which is very essential for us- Sitting Posture. One out of every 5 people today, complains about back pain caused due to continuous use of computers or because of other sitting jobs. This time Tri-city Calling will let you know about the effects of bad sitting posture while working in the office or at home.

Effects of a bad posture
Intervertebral Disc Damage

Same or constant body posture while working can put you into a great problem. It may hurt your back or can create some spinal problems which lead to survical pain. Poor posture puts stress on the discs which results in a pain in the nerves and spinal cord. This can lead to pain and muscle soreness in other areas of the body.

Spinal Curvature

Spinal curvature can occur from poor posture, which leads to further neck pain, headache and back pain. This curvature puts pressure on the spine, decreases its natural ability to absorb load, making the back susceptible to further injury. To avoid spinal curvature one must sit while balancing his weight towards the front or on the feet.

Neck Posture

Poor neck posture is one of the common problems and is very painful. Long term abnormal neck posture leads to a muscle strain and disc problem. This can be a result of injuries like sprains and strains in the neck muscles and movement of the neck itself. Neck posture is also responsible for the pain in the spinal cord if it is not correct.


Since a sitting job is very demanding, you cannot expect your body to burn fat if you’re not moving a bit. To burn calories, the body must constantly work to stay active and fresh. It is a must for every individual to keep his body in motion while working. A walk after lunch is necessary to avoid obesity. According to health experts, same posture for long hours makes a person indolent and drowsy.

Incorrect posture weakens the immune system

Excessive sitting and incorrect posture is the root of a weak immune system. It is strongly recommended by doctors that while lying on a couch or bed one must never eat anything as it weakens the immune system. It puts pressure on the liver to digest the food which may cause further health problems.

Poor Head Placement

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