Recipes for Working Professionals

Nowadays working professionals do not have the time to stay at home and cook elaborate and nutritious meals for themselves and their families. They are constantly on the go and grab whatever they can to eat. Over time this has serious consequences on their health. Here are some recipes that are very popular among working professionals. These recipes are very easy to make and tastes yummy too.

Stuffed and Baked Potatoes :

Cooking :
Time: 5-8 minutes
Serves: 2-3 people

Ingredients :

  • Potatoes- 2 (large)

  • Onions- 2 (finely chopped)

  • Capsicum- 1 (finely chopped)

  • Sweet corn kernels- ½ cup

  • Grated cheese- 2tbsp

  • Green chilies- 2-3 (finely chopped)

  • Salt- as per taste

  • Black pepper powder- 1tsp

  • Butter- 1tbsp

Procedure :

  • Wash the potatoes. Prick them with a fork and then microwave for 5 minutes. Let the potatoes cool. You can peel the potatoes or leave them with the skin.

  • Now gently cut the potatoes into two halves. With the help of a spoon, scoop out a little from the centre. Keep the potatoes in a bowl.

  • Melt the butter and pour in a microwave bowl. Add onions, capsicum, green chillies and corn kernels. Microwave this stuffing for 2 minutes.

  • Now sprinkle salt and black pepper powder in the stuffing.

  • With the help of a spoon, add this stuffing into the scooped potatoes. If you want, you can mash the leftover potatoes (after scooping) for stuffing.

  • Spread grated cheese and then microwave for 1-2 minutes. Baked and stuffed potatoes are ready to eat. Serve with tomato ketchup.

Chicken Salami Sandwich :

Cooking :
Time : 15 minutes
Serves: 2-3 people

  • Onion- 3 (sliced)

  • Butter- 1tbsp

  • Salt- as per taste

  • Black pepper powder- 1tsp

  • Salami- 4-6 slices

  • Tomato- 3 (sliced)

  • Cucumber- 2 (sliced)

  • Cheese slices- 4-6

  • Hamburger bread- 4-6 slices

  • Lettuce or any other green leafy vegetable- cut into 4-6 slices


  • Heat 1tsp butter in a frying pan. When the butter melts, fry the salami slices for 3-4 minutes on low flame. Then take them off flame and soak the extra oil in paper towels.

  • Take the bread slices and grease one side with butter. Place one cheese slice on the unbuttered bread slices.

  • Now keep the lettuce (or any other green leafy vegetable that you have used) on the buttered bread slices. Spread the fried salami slices over lettuce.

  • Add onions, cucumber and tomatoes on top of the salami and then sprinkle salt and black pepper powder. Cover with the unbuttered bread slice.

  • Heat a frying pan on low flame. Grease with little butter and then roast the salami sandwich for 2 minutes. Gently flip on the other side to make sure the stuffing do not come out.

  • Serve it hot with raw onion rings and tomato ketchup. If you do not want to roast in frying pan, toast the bread slices in toaster before. You can also serve the bread slices raw.