Global Electronic Companies Wooing Indian Markets

By: Geetika Sachdeva

Global electronic giants with deep pockets are eyeing Indian markets to increase their foothold in the domestic market. The ever growing demand of gadgets in India has always attracted manufacturers from all over the world. Manufactures like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo and Canon are the major contributors in technology or gadget segments, in India.
Recently, a wave of latest gadgets coming from foreign lands was witnessed by the Indian consumers. The new technologies though have good acceptability they do also have astonishing features to capture the hearts of the users. Let’s have a look at some of the best and latest technologies.

1)iPhone 5 :Looks, design, camera and outstanding features of Smartphone iPhone 5 has helped it in winning the confidence of the consumers in India. The A6 processor of iPhone 5 enables its users to shoot pictures at reasonably fast pace. Placed under the price tag of Rs. 45,000, the Smartphone is 20% lighter in weight as compared to its predecessors. The attractive 4 inch wide touch screen and the pigmented glass at the top and the bottom of the phone add a mesmerizing charm to the beauty of the phone.

2)iPad Mini :The launch of iPad Mini threw stiff competition to the Google and Amazon. The iPad was welcomed warmly by the consumers in India but the price was little painful. Placed under the price tag of Rs 21,900, the device offers good speed, larger screen and strong battery life. Till date, the iPad Mini is the best creation of Apple. It is easy to carry and has simple and friendlier iOS interface, making it easier to use for those who are using the gadgets of Apple for the first time.

3)Canon PowerShot S110 :The Canon PowerShot S110 is the successor of Canon PowerShot S100 in the S series of Canon PowerShot line of cameras. Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen is the only feature that makes it stand out in the S series. The camera has features like face detection, HD Video, Image Stabilization, Macro Shooting, red eye correction, touchscreen, Wi Fi Compatible, DPOF, RAW,and more. The camera is available in the stores under the price starting from Rs 28,211.

4)Microsoft Surface :The Microsoft Surface is the first tablet owned by Microsoft, available in the market under the price tag of Rs 38,490. Surface has a lot to offer but the most alluring feature of the gadget is its looks. The looks and appeal of the tablet is different from iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Asus Transformer. It has excellent keyboard, Stylish look and premium feel. Besides, it really goes well with Windows 8 processor. But, the weight of the tablet stirs some tensions as it weighs approximately 800 gm that could put strain on the wrist of a person.

5)Lenovo IdeaCenter B320 :With the onset of touchscreen desktops the Lenovo has set in the revolution in the PC world. The Lenovo IdeaCenter B320 is all-in-one as with just one touch key, the PC could be converted into television – a good source of entertainment when you are not in mood to work. The best feature of Lenovo IdeaCenter B320 is its strong performance and its bluetooth based peripherals. The touchscreen desktops can be purchased from market for Rs 29,490 onwards.

6)Nintendo Wii Mini :The Nintendo Wii Mini is the small and compact version of Nintendo. The console provides great gaming experience to the game aficionado all over the globe. The launch of Nintendo Wii Mini has thrown great competition to its rivals - Sony and Microsoft as it is available at affordable price of Rs. 5,700.

7)Samsung Galaxy Note II :Galaxy Note II– half tablet and half phone- an excellent android device to work on. The device is bigger in size as compared to Motorola DROID RAZR M. The best part of the phone is its handling. The Smartphone can be handled quite well as it weighs just 180 gm. With Galaxy Note II, Samsung has come up with a product that is faster, stronger, better in looks and more functional. It may cost one Rs. 22,999.

Technology segment in India is added with many new and updated devices from time to time. Manufacturers from all over the world have not only maximized their profits by launching new gadgets but have also gained new customers in India.

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