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Decorating the Dining Area with a Classic Touch

Let’s Go Beyond Furniture
By : Geetika Sachdeva.

Decoration of the dining area isn’t restricted to buying the best furniture. In fact, it is also about eye catching tableware, lighting and some mirror effects that can add mesmerizing charm to the dining area.

Many glossy pages of magazines present dining rooms in a flamboyant tone that lure the readers to step into la-la land. Fear not, we are not taking you to the la-la land but to a realistic world where you could bring real changes to your dining rooms.

Furniture houses and showrooms are stuffed with marvelously crafted furniture that can add beauty to our living areas. But sometimes we have to look beyond the furniture for bringing a charming appearance to our special places like dining rooms.

Tableware : Choosing appropriate tableware could leave a significant impact over the formal and informal gatherings taking place at your home. Tableware is not only useful in enjoying the yummy meals; they are also useful in depicting the wealth and class of a family. There are basically four major types of tableware: serveware, dinnerware, flatware or cutlery and drinkware.

Dinnerware : has experienced a significant shift in the way it was used in the households. The oval shaped and round shaped dinner plates have been substituted by leaf shaped, heart shaped, square shaped and rectangular dinnerware in the market. Besides, more colors have also been added to it. Contrary to earlier trends, the dinnerware is not restricted to pale and light shades. These days, buyers are paying more attention to latest designs and fresh and catchy colors while buying dinnerware.

Glasses and Mugs : are yet again one of the moderate ways of decorating the dining area. Serving guests with drinks in glasses that are crafted to meet your style and elegance can leave a lasting impression on the guests. Glasses with silver leaf, gold rim pattern, and metallic frosted tumblers are in vogue. Just like dinnerware, the mugs and tea cups have also experienced an overhaul. Now days, handles of cups and saucers with golden lining around are in vogue. Similarly, flatware includes the most important tableware – cutlery. While adding new cutlery to your tableware, do look for different colors and handle designs available in the market.

Lighting Idea for the Dining Room :

These days, home owners are using various lighting combinations to brighten up and highlight special areas of their house. Appropriate lighting in the dining room can add glamour and style to it.

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