Tourism in Chandigarh is on peak. Nature lovers from different parts of the country flock here to view the beautiful theme gardens of the city. Check out the following popular places to visit in Chandigarh:

 Open Hand Monument
(“Open hand is the city's official emblem”)
Open hand in Chandigarh, India is one of the most significant monuments of the city. Chandigarh open hand monument has been designed in the form of a giant hand made from metal sheets that rotates like a weathercock, indicating the direction of wind. This giant hand is 14 metres high and weighs around 50 tonnes. The significance of open hand is that it conveys the social message of peace and unity .

 Sukhna Lake
(“Manmade lake”)
Lying in the foothills of Shivalik range, the unique thing about Sukhna is that it is a manmade lake. It is a 3 km long lake that was created in the year 1958. Chandigarh Sukhna Lake serves as a great picnic spot and an apt place for pursuing water sport activities like boating, yachting and water skiing etc. So, if you want to rejuvenate yourself, then Sukhna Lake is the perfect destination for you.

 Leisure Valley
("A Garland of Gardens")
It begins from Rajendra Park in Sector 1 that is basically used for long walks, yoga and other fitness workout activities and stretches till the Bougainvillea garden in Sector 3. It also covers the splendid garden of roses in Sector 16.

 Rock Garden
("An Epitome of Creativity and Innovation")
It is a unique garden that consists of exquisite artwork made from industrial and urban waste. It is located in Sector 1 between the Capitol Complex and Sukhna Lake. The credit for laying its foundation goes to Nek Chand, who was the then Road Inspector in the Engineering Department of Chandigarh Capital Project. The garden houses sculptures made by using a variety of different discarded waste materials like frames, mudguards, forks, handle bars, metal wires, play marbles, porcelain, auto parts, broken bangles etc.

 Capitol Complex
("Capitol complex stand majestically representing themselves as the temples of democracy of free India")
It has the headquarters of both, the Govt of Punjab and Haryana. The credit for the awesome designing of the Capitol complex goes to Le Corbusier. Located in Sector 1, capitol complex in Chandigarh, India consists of three main edifices, namely, the Secretariat, the Legislative Assembly and the High Court.

 International Dolls Museum
("Wide collection of fascinating dolls and marionettes under a single roof")
Situated at the Bal Bhavan, it was started in the year 1985 and its main objective was to give some sort of amusement to the children. Dolls picked from all over the world is arranged in various galleries allures the child folks and the elders alike. Fabulous dolls from countries like Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Korea, and Russia adorns this great venture. Another entertaining activity in the museum is the toy train, which provides a startling ride adds the charm of the museum. A giant replica of a German railway station, displayed on the background of ceramic frescos, depicting remarkable milestones of various countries is another attraction.

 Terraced Garden
("Allures the visitors with its illuminated musical fountain")
Terraced garden is located in Sector 33. Set up in the year 1979, spreads over a vast extend of 10 acres. This well planned orchard of blossoming plants houses the annual Chrysanthemums show, which is significant for the large-scale participation of the general public and the nature lovers. The show, which is organized in the month of December, carpets the city with multi colored blooms of chrysanthemums.

("The thick woody jungles of Chandigarh is a national treasure")
A vast expansion of 3245 hectares of land is swathed under forest cover, and it is copious with a rich wild life. With its hilly topography and profound resources, two national reserve forests in Chandigarh are a natural habitat of so many endangered species in the animal kingdom. Nepli and Kansal, the reserve forest in the city is the prominent places where one can spot most of the wild animals.While camping in the wilderness in the jungle, one can spot a wide range of feral animals such as neelgais, antelopes, jahares, jackals, hyena, and even leopards.

 Pinjore Gardens
("Mythology says that the Pandavas had come here during their period of exile")
Also called as Yadavindra Gardens it is must visit spectacle in Chandigarh is the Pinjore Garden, which covers a large area of 100 acres of land. This vast expansion of land houses an array of attractions to the visitors. Pinjore Gardens appears more imposing during night times when colorful lights and fountains got illuminated. Another impressive feature of this lovely location is its descending terraces that provide a miraculous effect. During the months of April to June the garden would be clothed in a festive mood since it is the time of the Baisakhi Festival and the annual mango festival.

 Bougainvillea Garden
("Exhibits more than fifty attractive varieties of bougainvillea plants")
This exceptional garden is set in Sector-3, established in the year 1976, Bougainvillea Garden has acquired a prime position in the tourism arena of Chandigarh within a short span of time. Bougainvillea Garden is comprised of a total area of 20 acres and the park houses bougainvilleas that is shaped in to different forms like an arch, pavilions, a cluster of bowers, and arcades. The annual Bougainvillea festival conducted in the park is very popular and it attracts large number of people.

 Botanical Garden
("Wide expansion of lovely plant varieties")
Among the lovely picnic spots of this beautiful city, these botanical gardens adorn a prominent place. Actually there are two gardens, one is placed in the Punjab University campus and the other is positioned in between the Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden in Sector-1. t is the best place to spot rare and unusual genus of plants and tiny lily bands.

 Smriti Upavan
("A unique concept in the gardening arena is the charm of Smiriti Upavan")

What makes this garden so special is that these trees are planted in the fond remembrance of the beloved ones. This would be the only place where common man is allowed to implant trees as a memorial of their departed ones. Thus each tree in this garden commemorates the sweet memory of someone who is no more. et up in the year 1988, this wonderful concept was started by planting a banyan tree in the name of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Situated amidst the beautiful surroundings of Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden in Sector 1, Smriti Upavan is a perfect place to spend the time in a silent atmosphere.

 National Gallery of Portraits
("The portraits and recorded voices of the great leaders of India is the highlight of this Gallery")
Established in 1977, National Gallery of Portraits is situated at Sector-17B in Chandigarh. It is a great effort to make the new generation aware of the great struggle that the yesteryear people had to suffer to attain their long cherished dream of independence. he gallery also exhibits more than 1000 photographs and duplicate of original writings, ceramic murals and sculptures. National Gallery of Portraits also houses a film on the freedom movement of India on every Sunday at 2 pm.

 Museum of the Evolution of Life
("Gives a remarkable review of evolution of life from the primary stage to this sophisticated period")
Started functioning in the year 1973, this museum is the best place for those who are very much particular in the field of developmental studies. It describes the origin of life and its development through diverse paintings. Other main galleries in the museum include Astronomy, Archaeology, Pre-historic and Geology presented with scientific and technical display. There is a reference library with a large number of books on evolution, paleontology, zoology, botany and biology.

 The High Court
("The High Court building also exhibits the architectural excellence of the celebrated architect Le Corbusier")
An outstanding structure, its double roof is designed like an upturned umbrella, which shades the entire edifice. The grand foyer of this imposing formation is set in between the main courtroom and eight other minor courts. The building is tinted with dazzling shades that makes a glittering appearance to the whole structure. Altogether this court complex displays a flamboyant look, which throngs the visitors tremendously.

 Rajendra Park
("A very good place for long walks and horse riding")
Spread over a sprawling area of 400 acres, Rajendra Park situates adjacent to the Secretariat building. This park was started its functioning in 1954 and is a very good place for long walks and horse riding.The southern side of the park is the place where the official residence of the Chief minister and other ministers are situated. This fabulous park is named after the first President of India, who had come here to announce the dawn of Chandigarh city. A woody place with lots of lofty trees like margosa, amla and bauhinia purpurea, the park also houses attractive mangrove plantations. Besides this, the park premises holds events like horse shows and sporting events.