Delhi-6 Season-2 Spices up the Craving Tongues
To spice up the craving tongues of Chandigarians, Delhi-6 season-2 food festival was organized at the Park Plaza Chandigarh. The customers were served with Indian kebabs, biryani, parantha and the famous street delights gol gappas, chaat and more.

The festival was organized on the success of the 1st edition of Delhi-6. Delhi 6 also famous as Old Delhi is the paradise for food lovers. At Delhi-6 one is tempted by the mouth-watering kebabs like toonda kebab, chicken bharra, bharra kebab, peshawari kebab etc.

The Delhi-6 season-2 food festival lasted for 16 days starting from 28th April 2013 till 11th May 2013. The foods served to the Chandigarians recalled the lost memories of many about the aroma and the taste of paranthas of the famous paranthewali galli and of the kebabs.