Glamorous Tribute to Legendry Yash Chopra
The Women Club of Sector 9, Chandigarh, organized a fashion show with music and dance in tribute to the legendary Yash Chopra, Indian film director and producer. The participants of the fashion show presented themselves in glittering and eye-catching dresses.

Various fashion rounds were set for the participants with a musical background. All the participants performed impeccably and dazzled the onlookers with their confidence and charm. The participants of the fashion show were mainly the members of the club who also included renowned models of the regions.

The tone of the fashion show was set appropriately with the help of lightings and music. The audience and the participants of the show also jazzed up the occasion by dancing on the music beats. The Women Club, in the past, had also participated in social causes like women empowerment, consumer services, protection of girl child and many more.