Water Theft Causing Concerns
The Municipal Corporation has estimated water theft of 10 million gallons per day (MGD) out of the 22MGD. It is assumed that leakage in the water pipelines is leading to water theft. Unauthorized service stations, dhabas, taxi stands and illegal structures are labelled the culprits, who are not even sparing the unmetered stand post taps installed in markets for public usage.

The Municipal Corporation is trying its best to identify the area from where the water is being illegally used. For some time, the public may have to go through an uncomfortable phase while the authorities concerned will be running the investigation.

According to the Municipal Commissioner Vivek Partap Singh, the 22 to 25 MGD leakage reports are a myth and most of this water is basically non-metered, from where the MC is not getting any revenue. Sources said the civic body does not have a mechanism to detect water theft in the city.

The average of Chandigarh's water consumption is higher than the national consumption. It was also revealed that the northern part of the city consumes more water than other areas. This, sources said, was because people largely used potable water for gardening and other purposes.

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