Growing Power Cut Menace Taking Toll on City Residents
June 13, 2013

The growing menace of power cut in the city is taking its toll over the residents. The UT Administration is also helpless at the moment as it is still waiting for allocation of land for a fourth feeder to be installed. The feeders were allocated to the UT Administration with the aim of curbing the menace of power cuts in the city.

At present there are three feeders through which electricity is supplied to the city. The oldest one is at Dhulkot near Ambala. Another one is located at Mohali and the third at Kishangarh. One of the reasons for power shortage is fault developing in one or the other feeder lines. This occurs primarily due to overloading.

Over the past few weeks, power cuts are being experienced in the city. Power cuts, both scheduled and unscheduled, are being faced by the residents of most sectors. At some places, power supply remains affected for hours.

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