things to do in monsoons


Dance away your gloomy mood and lose a few calories at the same time. Jiving with a friend or partner is even better.

Music for the Soul

Those CDs of yours, by the player, that have been gathering dust, need to see the light of day. While the clouds make music of their own you can hum your favourite tunes.

Piping Hot Snacks

Never do those onion pakoras and ginger tea taste as good as on a day when the heavens are pouring down. Sit on the porch and relish them.


Those epic sagas and rom-coms that have made your sides split with laughter will bring sunshine into your life again and you wonít even know when the afternoon outside has turned into the evening.

Open up your windows and enjoy the smell of the wet soil!

Get Wet, Wet, Wet

Rainy days are not that bad. Splash around in a puddle of water, get drenched and see how much fun you have. Kids donít like it just for nothing!

Have a Lie In

Who said youíve always got to be doing something. Sprawling on the couch in a soft blanket is pretty cathartic too..

Board Games

Smoke out those board games from your kiddie days and set the dice rolling. The good old Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly will never fail you. While you are busy building houses and hotels the hours will just fly by. Of course you should have some finger food and drinks to keep the mood grooving. These games are an excellent way to provide bonding time for the family too.

Sort Out the House

Since you canít really step out of the house itís a god sent opportunity to sort out your many possessions. Youíll dig out things you did not even know you had! All the memories associated with those things will have you in a very happy mood!