things to do in monsoons
Make Those Pitter-Patter Days More Fascinating
Just as you are getting ready to go out for that much awaited bout of shopping or a jog in the park, it starts raining. So what do you do when it literally rains on your parade? This weather is here to stay for quite some time so you might as well look for ideas to make those pitter-patter days more fascinating.
Have a House party Chat Over a Cuppa Put Your Culinary Skills to the Test
Call up your close friends (and have them call up theirs) and organize a party at home. Order some food (without giving a hoot about its health benefits; give in to your taste buds for once!) and arrange some drinks. Have some rocking music to keep you on your toes and you are all set to get the party going! Indulge in some steaming gossip over an equally steaming cup of coffee. To add to that you can treat yourself to that piece of dark chocolate that you so crave. This cosy chit-chit with your confidant is enough to keep the rainy blues away. You’ve read over a zillion recipes while surfing the internet or watched the master chefs dishing out yummy delicacies, but have never had the time to try them out. Now is the time. Put your culinary skills to the test. Ferret out those recipes you so ardently wrote out. As an added advantage you will have yummy dinner to look forward to.
Soothe your low spirits by curling up in bed with a bestseller. There is no better feeling in the world than listening to the rumbling and thundering clouds outside while knowing you are safe and cosy inside with a book in your hands taking you to another world.