monsoon skin care
Monsoon Skin Care
From Makeup to Natural Glow

By : Geetika Sachdeva
All women wish to look pretty and gorgeous when out with friends and family members. However, lots of them often end up with some makeup blunders that not only ruin their appearance but also make them a laughingstock. In the monsoon season, humidity in the air makes the surface of the skin oily and therefore heavy makeup should be avoided. If you are going to a party then minimal makeup or waterproof makeup should be your pick.
Heavy Foundation Translucent Powder
Avoid applying heavy foundation in the monsoon season. Although foundation should not be your pick in the monsoon season, still if required then minimal layer of it is enough. In humid and hot seasons, the layer of foundation on the skin surface can block the skin pores and can trigger pimples and blemishes. Compact and face powder should be your pick in the monsoon season. Don’t go for translucent powder as it is pale and doesn’t suit all skin types. It is better to apply tinted face powder, but don’t apply too much of it. A little bit of it is enough to bring glow on the face.
Moisturizer before Foundation Foundation on the Eyelid
A layer of moisturizer is a must if you want to apply foundation on the face, but in the monsoon season the moisturizer can damage the health of the skin. When moisturizer is applied on the sweaty and oily skin it makes the skin look dark. Furthermore, it makes the skin look ugly, oily and triggers pimples because of the excessive accumulation of oil on the skin. Foundation on the eyelid is applied by many for making the eye makeup last long. The skin of the eyelid is very delicate and thin. When foundation is applied, it can make wrinkles, lines, and creases appear on the eyelid making it look creased.
Sleeping with Makeup On
In the monsoon season, sleeping with makeup on can hamper